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We attach great importance to our strong points. Thanks to their characteristics, our mattresses meet the sleep needs…for even the most demanding client. 


  • Elasticity.  Perfect fit and adjusted pressure according to all body types. Our mattresses provide comfort and relaxation during sleep.
  • Ergonomics.  Solid support of the spine by maintaining its natural position and allowing the relaxation of the back muscles. It offers a sense of relaxation and it maintains the natural line of the back and the body.
  • Stabilization.  They provide full body support and stabilization by embracing all curves of the body. Moreover, they offer a unique sense of relaxation and well-being and they turn waking up into pleasure.
  • Hygiene.  Without any dangerous packaging and having adjustable respiration capsules, they offer a healthy and enjoyable sleep experience.
  • Quality of Production.  Due to the certification of fabrics Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and our many years of experience, our mattresses promise durability and long-term life expectancy thanks to their high quality of construction.
  • Direct Delivery.  We offer prompt delivery of our products all over Greece.